Property Type
Industrial: Single and multi-tenanted industrial and industrial flex properties.
Self Storage: Conversion opportunites as well as existing facilities at any occupancy level.

Property Condition
Vacancy is not an issue for us. We prefer our multi-tenanted investments to have some vacancy. Capital improvements are not an issue for us either – we have the expertise to redevelop and reposition assets by making cost effective improvements to enhance long term performance and value.

Real estate is a market specific investment. We will provide the greatest value to our investors by concentrating on not only what we know – but where we know it. We focus on the greater Baltimore / Washington DC metropolitan market. We understand the urban core and the value of irreplaceable locations within immediate proximity to consumption zones. As we grow so will our geographic reach and we are always looking for portfolio acquisitions that allow us to cost effectively expand our geography.

We have no minimum and seek to limit any single investment to no more than $5.0 million. We know this is where we can create the greatest value and returns for our investors.

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