Evergreen Property Trust, LLC is a private real estate investment company focused on the acquisition and operation of commercial properties in the greater Baltimore / Washington DC market. We do what we know…find opportunities to add value in the markets we understand.

We know how to increase occupancy, retain tenants, lower costs, and bring rents to market levels. We also know how to improve functionality and add sustainable, energy efficient features, thereby improving our competitiveness.

What’s in a name? We are Evergreen…to us this means two primary things:

First; we focus on reusing, redeveloping and recycling existing buildings and infrastructure, which reduces the environmental impact associated with new construction and breathes new life into otherwise non-functional in-fill properties.

Second; where ever possible, we are committed to making energy efficient and environmentally sustainable improvements that result in greater tenant comfort while reducing operating costs. From white roofs that reduce heat island effect to high efficiency florescent lighting, these improvements benefit everyone. All improvements are accomplished at no additional cost to our investors yet greatly benefit the tenant, the environment and our competitive advantage.

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